The lunchtime rush, friendly customers and supportive managers are just some of the job perks for Maxima’s Employable Hero from SA, Leena.

As a Type 1 Diabetic, Leena found it difficult to find employment that could fit in with her medical needs as regular sleep and meals were crucial for her. Even when Lena was able to secure a role, the nature of the hospitality industry took its toll.

“In the past, I worked in hospitality and it was hard,” says Leena. “My shifts and hours were always changing, and my diabetes was hard to manage. My health was suffering.”

Leena contacted Maxima and was thrilled to find someone who would listen and who approached finding her employment a little differently than she had experienced before.

“Maxima helped me look for work that would suit my abilities, as well as my needs. Through their contacts, they found me a suitable role, helped me prepare and even came along with me to the interview.”

Now six months into her role, Leena says the result has been ‘just fantastic’.

“I’ve been able to meet every challenge. Originally, I was hired to take customer orders, but since then, my role has grown to include food preparation and much more. My managers are supportive and have great confidence in me,” Leena tells us.

“I just love this job so much. I often don’t want to leave after my shift finishes!”

Leena is still in contact with her Maxima Consultant and appreciates the ongoing support – she remains thrilled to see her face on signs and billboards in Adelaide after participating in Maxima’s Employable Hero’s Campaign, and feels ‘famous’ amongst her friends and family who will often spot her.