Maxima’s Temporary and Permanent Employment division have been a great support to Philip Conboy, who found career success working as an Assistant Taxation Accountant with the State Government of SA.

Working as a contractor can be tough, with a lot of uncertainty as to when or where your next opportunity will come from. Two years ago, Philip felt this uncertainty and struggled to find work in what he describes as a ‘tough job market’.

Philip’s wife spotted a Maxima job advertisement online, and he decided to contact our Temporary and Permanent Employment division to see if they could help his situation. He was happily surprised when he spoke to Recruitment Consultant, Sheridan Catt.

“I had a good discussion with Sheridan and submitted my resume. Within a week, I was interviewed by Shared Services SA for a role Sheridan had put me forward for,” Philip says.

Successful in gaining a temporary role with Shared Services SA, Philip remained employed in his role for the next two years as eventually, he transitioned into a contract role in that same department.

“I was thrilled to find interesting work with a good employer,” says Philip.

Now thriving in the small tax team he works in, Philip is proud of the work he and the team have done to improve compliance and reduce unnecessary FBT burden. “It is great to see all of our hard work come together,” says Philip.

“Maxima staff have been great to work with. They care about the success of their contractors. If I find myself outside of another contract, I will have no hesitation picking up the phone and contacting Maxima again.”