Maxima Group Training has been proud to support South Australian business, M&G Hotel Group, and its Trainee Hayden through the challenging COVID-19 climate.

Michelle Davis, Business Development Manager of M&G Hotel Group, is one of many Hospitality professionals affected by the challenging restrictions placed on the industry and has used the down-time to keep her team busy, including, Hayden, who commenced in February as a Maxima Group Training Trainee.

“The biggest challenge has been trying to keep staff motivated, so I have been using the down-time to focus on development. Overall, it has been a challenging time for us having to adapt to the new environment and making sure we are compliant. We tried to remain fully operational and keep as many staff on as possible,” Michelle tells us.

Michelle is a big advocate for traineeships and says many businesses can benefit from hosting an apprentice or trainee. “Traineeships are two-fold; not only do they develop the trainees to become leaders, but they help us to continue developing the team who support the trainees. It has been great to watch Hayden progress in his role.”

“Unfortunately, we had to suspend Hayden’s traineeship for a period due to COVID-19. Although this was difficult, we were grateful to have Maxima there to make sure we had our ducks in a row, and to help bring Hayden back when restrictions eased. We were also really supported by Maxima with the various COVID-19 related audits and it was a huge help.”

For someone as passionate about his job as Hayden, the suspension period was a real challenge and he was, in his own words, ‘over the moon’ when he could finally return.

“Not having something to do every day was hard and I relied on that day-to-day routine. I was always in contact with my Maxima Consultant to see when I could go back and she was amazing, supporting me the whole time as I was really stressed so it was very reassuring. Maxima’s help with JobKeeper was huge, it meant that I could support my family who was in a tough spot,” Hayden tells us.

“Coming back to work post-COVID-19 has been great and I can already see an improvement in my mental health. I love everything about my job!”

And Michelle shares the sentiment. “Hayden is so positive and grateful for the opportunity and the support he receives from the team around him. JobKeeper has been so critical, helping us to keep most of our staff through the restrictions, and now bringing them back as we have more work.”