"They go out of their way, knock on doors and actually talk to employers about what you have to offer."

With an unemployment rate of around 12%, Port Pirie is a tough place to find work at the moment. The odds are even worse for those with a disability, including 26-year-old Bobby Davey, who suffered a spinal injury in 2008 and relies on crutches wherever he goes.

Bobby was determined to find work despite all the obstacles and registered with a series of disability employment service providers in Port Pirie over the past five years. But even with his determination and great attitude about life, he was never offered work in all that time.

Hoping yet another switch would produce results, Bobby registered with Maxima in February 2017. Within a month, he landed a job he loves at Spencer Motors, Pirie’s largest car dealer, working eight hours a week in spare parts, administration and customer service.

Spencer Motors General Manager, Robert Ireland, could not be happier either, saying Bobby “picks up things very quickly. He’s a very proactive and positive young fella.”

Bobby said the remarkable turnaround after five years of unemployment was because Maxima cared about getting him a result. “They go out of their way, knock on doors and actually talk to employers about what you have to offer. No other job network did that.”

Bobby’s experience with Maxima began with a chat with Business Development Officer, Chris Basley, who identified Bobby’s skills and a passion for cars, which included experience working on his own vehicles at home.

Maxima’s Port Pirie Manager, Jodie Everett, said this led Chris to make an approach on Bobby’s behalf to Robert at Spencer Motors. “Robert was interested right from the start. When Chris went back with Bobby, Robert could see he was very positive and enthusiastic, particularly about cars, and that really sealed the deal. He’s just hit the ground running and been a real success.”