"It comes down to what your own goals are and what you want to achieve out of your journey."

Traineeships not only make careers, they can change them too, as shown by Maxima trainee and winner of SA Trainee of the Year, Bruno Cavallaro.

The 30-year-old from Findon began working in supermarkets after secondary school. Bruno quickly proved to be every employer’s dream — one of those rare workers who treats the business as though it was his own, and a natural leader as well.  After 10 years, he was in charge of running the store, but the long hours were taking a heavy toll.

“I got to where I wanted to be and I thought to myself ‘This is not what I want to do anymore.’  There was no work-life balance; I was working all the time.”

Bruno said he had always enjoyed using his hands and wanted to work in construction, which also seemed a good fit with the pride and passion he puts into everything he does.

With the support of his fiancée, Bruno took the bold step of quitting his full-time supermarket role to work part-time while completing a Certificate II in Construction Pathways with Civil Train SA (RTO Number 40239).

“One of the lecturers saw what I had sacrificed to start my training and could see I was really eager therefore he assisted me with getting a casual job doing reo (concrete reinforcing). I was really green, but it gave me start at working in the industry.”

Bruno quickly moved on to a Certificate III Traineeship with Maxima and he knew then that he had found what he had been looking for. In just 15 months, Bruno completed the training (also with Civil Train SA), which is designed to be a three-year course and picked up more than one award for his outstanding efforts.

In the first year of the traineeship, Bruno won Trainee of the Year from the Civil Contractors Federation. He topped this in July 2016 by being named SA Trainee of the Year, with the award handed to him by South Australia’s Governor, Hieu Van Le.

The SA Trainee of the Year is selected for a number of reasons, including his or her encouragement of others to follow in their footsteps, which is something Bruno does in spades.

“I am a big advocate for traineeships because they are a great starting point for anyone seeking a new career. I tell people all of the time that a traineeship is what you make it. In order for me to achieve my goals whilst undertaking my Certificate III, I studied in my own time and maintained commitment. It comes down to what your own goals are and what you want to achieve out of your journey. If you work hard, the sky’s the limit.”

Bruno says Maxima and his Consultant, Tim Wurst, have also been part of his success. “I have got all the time in the world for Tim. He has always supported me, as has Maxima. I have a great relationship with Tim and hold Maxima in high regard.”

Bruno is already working towards his next goal in construction, attending part-time courses at TAFE towards an Engineering degree. Based on his recent achievements, no-one doubts Bruno will reach that goal as well.