The remarkable story of Cori Roberts.

Courage and teamwork are not only found on the playing field, as shown by the remarkable story of Cori Roberts.

Earlier in 2017, Cori, 23, and his 18-year-old brother became homeless, a frightening situation made even more difficult by Cori’s intellectual disability that severely limited his options for finding work.

But what could so easily have been a tale of despair has turned into something inspiring by Cori’s courage and determination, and the support of Baptist Care, Maxima and car dealer Eblen Suburu.

After helping Cori and his brother find short-term accommodation, workers at Baptist Care were impressed by Cori’s desire to find employment so they contacted Maxima’s Mitchell Park office.

Cori’s Employment Consultant, Jodine Taylor, said that when Maxima talked with Cori to find out about his skills and interests they soon learned he was keen on working with cars.

“That immediately gave me an idea because I knew that Subaru Car Dealer Peter Eblen was very passionate about helping disadvantaged people in the local community. When I organised a formal meeting to discuss the support that Maxima provided and who we help, he was very eager to get on board.”

“Peter passed the baton to Dario Tonon at Eblen Collision Repairs at Somerton Park. He was also very enthusiastic and immediately gave Cori some trial shifts as a car cleaner. They were so impressed by his work ethic; they absolutely loved him.”

The trial shifts led to regular work one day a week, with lots of support from Jodine along the way, including organising clothing and other basic items and even driving Cori to work when his own car was off the road.

Dario said he was impressed with Cori right from the start. “He would follow instructions and had the right attitude to learn, so when one of our Panel Beaters left, we offered Cori full-time work assisting our tradespeople in the workshop. As long as Cori is willing to learn new skills, I am happy to teach him. He is valued by all the staff in the workshop.”

Jodine continues to support and mentor Cori who is now working towards his application as an apprentice at Eblens.

Jodine said Cori’s life has changed remarkably. “When we first came into contact with Cori, he didn’t even have much in regard to clothing and he’s not one to ask for help. In fact, he told me that he and his brother had only one pair of socks between them. So from being at that point to now earning more money than he ever thought possible — he’s doing really well.”

Cori said he had always wanted to work on cars and he loved his job at Eblens. “I want to do well here to reach my goal of buying my own house.”