At Maxima we believe in providing whole of life support. We want to get you a job for life and will be there throughout your life and career to ensure that happens. We go the extra mile to ensure we provide all DES customers with a holistic job employment experience.

We are committed to ensuring you have a positive, productive and social experience while at work.



“They listened to me and they cared. That’s the great thing about Maxima."

Sandra Bach, Receptionist


Our team is morally driven and professionally managed; we’re empathetic to your situation and care about you and your career journey.

If you’re looking for a job we provide support and assist with:

  • Centrelink requirements
  • Training and certification
  • Full time, part time, and casual recruitment
  • Job applications
  • Interview preparation
  • Job preparation
  • Transport assistance
  • Support at work

If you’re an employer we provide support and assist with:

  • Long term recruitment
  • Fast turnaround recruitment
  • Candidate screening, for the right fit!
  • Training and support
  • Assistance with disability access and funding
  • Centrelink requirements

Looking to switch your DES provider? At Maxima we will:

  • Support you through the transition process to ensure that you receive our five-star service with minimal disruption.
  • Understand your needs and provide a specific tailored service for you to find, and keep, a job.
  • Take a customer-focused approach – you are the most important person to us.
  • Listen to you and respect your choice.



"They go out of their way, knock on doors and actually talk to employers about what you have to offer."

Bobby Davey, Spare parts, administration and customer service, Spencer Motors

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