Maxima is a leading, not-for-profit Disability Employment Services (DES) provider supporting Australians who are looking to get into the workforce. The DES program is an Australian Government Department of Social Services initiative that exists to help people with a disability, injury or health condition, including mental illness, to find work and keep a job, for life.

Through DES, anyone with a disability, injury or health condition may be eligible to receive assistance from a DES provider. With recent changes to DES policy, DES recipients now have the freedom to choose which DES provider they want to use.

Disability Employment Services providers offer:

  • Support to eligible Australian residents to get a job and keep one; and
  • Assistance to employers to enable them to support eligible employees in the workplace.

The general DES eligibility requirements are as follows, however, we encourage you to call Maxima to speak with one of our friendly case workers to discuss your unique situation.

General Eligibility

You are eligible for Disability Employment Service (DES) if you:

  • Have a disability, injury or health condition: this includes major injury, mental illness, chronic and complex health conditions, physical and social disability;
  • Are aged 14 to 65 years of age: this includes adults and teenagers with disabilities;
  • Are at or above the minimum legal working age in your State or Territory;
  • Have a future capacity to work at least 8 hours per week;
  • Are an Australian resident; and
  • Are not studying full time (unless the job seeker is an Eligible School Leaver).

At Maxima we want to work with you to ensure you have the best chance of employment no matter your situation.

Why choose Maxima as your DES provider?

Maxima not only provides recruitment assistance and training, we will support you through your employment journey.

We are driven by helping our customers overcome barriers to employment. Maxima believes in connecting on a personal level, so you can also just call us and have a chat.

We are focused on understanding your needs and providing a specific tailored service, for you to find and keep a job.

Already have a DES provider and want to switch to Maxima?

  • Maxima will support you through the transition with fast, caring service and minimal disruption.
  • Maxima will focus on understanding your needs and tailor our approach to help you find and keep a job.
  • Maxima will follow a customer-focused approach – you are the most important person to us.
  • Maxima will listen to you and respect your choice.

Contact your nearest Maxima DES Office or call us today on 1300 629 462.