With up to 20 per cent of all Australians living and working with some form of disability, most organisations already employ many workers with disabilities – and often they don’t even know it. This is because a surprising 90 per cent of people with a disability have what is called an ‘invisible disability’.

There are many disabilities and conditions that are counted as ‘invisible’, such as MS, autism, ADHD, arthritis, brain injuries, mental illnesses, diabetes, epilepsy, cognitive and learning disabilities, chronic pain and fatigue… and the list goes on.

With so many people living and working with disabilities in Australia – it’s time to take disability employment out of the ‘too hard’ basket. At Maxima Joblink, our role is to demystify disability employment and help to promote workforce diversity and equality. Businesses employing one or more employees with a disability report a large range of direct and indirect benefits, including higher retention and attendance rates, and less health and safety incidents.

With many of Australia’s growth industries trending towards an increasingly part-time workforce (eg health care, retail, hospitality) issues of absenteeism and staff turnover are on the rise. In a recent research report published by the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia, small business owners showed they valued diverse workplaces with inclusive recruitment. Other benefits of employing people with a disability include:

  • Everybody bringing different strengths and something different to the workplace
  • Better reflecting your customer and clients
  • Representative of community and industry
  • Creates happy workplaces which are interesting to work in
  • Bringing a different perspective to the business.

One of the survey respondents commented:

“Disability is a sub-set of diversity – we need to ensure everyone is encouraging and accepting of diversity. Focus on inclusion and diversity, rather than disability. Consider it like a range or spectrum rather than pigeonholing.”

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