As an employer, you know the value of your experienced employees.

You’ve invested in their development, training and experience, and they’ve gained knowledge about the products and/or services you provide and the markets you supply.

Their skills, organisational knowledge and relationships are all critical elements that make up their ongoing value to your organisation.

Employees that leave often take important knowledge of your customers, systems and processes with them – sometimes known as an organisational “brain drain”.

So, it makes sense that if they become “at-risk” due to injury or illness, you’d want to know how best to keep them on board and contributing to your team.

Maxima can help

If you have an employee who is at risk of losing their job through illness, injury or disability, Maxima can help you and your employee return to higher levels of productivity.

At no cost to you or your employee, Maxima can provide up to 12 months of workplace-based assistance such as:

  • face-to-face support
  • advice about job redesign
  • a comprehensive workplace assessment
  • workplace modifications or special equipment
  • personal support in the workplace to help manage the impact of the injury, disability or health condition
  • access to allied health support.

The Federal Government, through Disability Employment Service (DES), fund this program, which is called ‘Work Assist’.


Your employee may be eligible for Work Assist if they:

  • have worked an average of at least eight hours a week over the last 13 weeks
  • are at risk of losing their job because of their illness, injury or disability, and;
  • aren’t already getting assistance from a Disability Employment Services provider.

Maxima has the expertise and experience to outline the eligibility requirements of the Work Assist program to you and your employee.

Our business is to streamline the processes so that you can get on with your business.

See what Maxima can offer you and your employees.

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