Maxima is a leading, not for profit Disability Employment Service provider with over 60 easy to access locations across Australia. 

Maxima provides specialist support and assistance to anyone living with a disability, injury or health condition to help them prepare for, find and maintain employment. We build our services around Customers’ needs, goals and strengths – working together with employers to secure the jobs our Customers want, as well as providing ongoing on-the-job or off-site employment support. 

Our goal at Maxima is to increase awareness of the benefits of employing people with disabilities, so that we can connect eager jobseekers with suitable employers. 

At Maxima, our jobseekers are “Employable Heroes”. 

Why Employable Heroes? 

Because workers with a disability stay in their jobs longer, take fewer sick days, demonstrate much higher levels of job satisfaction and are more flexible in terms of their willingness to work part-time and variable hours. 

Coupled with that, workers with a disability, injury or health condition have usually faced some challenges in their lives which gives them an exceptional level of maturity, and an ability to deal with difficult situations – which adds up them being very employable, and true heroes in our book! 

Meet the needs of your business today by working with Maxima to find a new Employable Hero of your own! 


Loves to work part-time

Leena works as a customer service/cook in a busy food outlet. As well as working directly with customers in taking their orders she also has a hand in preparing the food prior to the lunch time rush. 

I’ve been here over 6 months now and I love it! My responsibilities have grown, and I’ve been able to meet every challenge. My managers are so supportive, and I really appreciate the opportunity to have regular meetings with my Maxima consultant, who helps keep me on track. 


Finds satisfaction in work

Steven now works as a support worker for children in foster care. 

He provides support to foster children and their carers. In the morning and early afternoon, he does administration and work on case notes, and in the afternoon, works directly with clients. He helps to mentor and encourage the clients and typical activities might involve sports, education and therapy. 

I am now in my early 40’s and I can safely say that this is the best job I have ever had. Being there for the children is priceless and whilst I am there to care and nurture them, I also get that back in return. I love working with children. It’s really a blessing! 


A high performer, loving the flexibility

Aman has a new job in the furniture retail industry which is working out really well. 

Since I’ve been working here, I’ve been regularly meeting with my Maxima Employment Support Consultant who has been simply wonderful. 

I’m so happy now and very pleased to be able to share my story – it’s not an exaggeration that Maxima absolutely changed my life. They turned it around, plain and simple. 

I really enjoy working with my new employer – my new boss is a nice person and easy to work with. 

And I’m secure in the knowledge that Maxima has my back if I need them – they are always there to help with a friendly ear and sound advice.