What’s stopping you employing workers with a disability?

A recent survey of small to medium businesses identified six common barriers to employing someone with a disability.
Here at Maxima, we’ve gained significant experience dealing with thousands of employers and employees over more than 20 years in disability employment.
We’ve outlined the six barriers below, along with how Maxima can help you.

Barrier 1: concerns about legal and ethical risks to the employer, particularly if the arrangement didn’t work out.

Maxima takes the time to fully understand the requirements of the role, and ensures that the employee has the capability, experience and goals to do the job effectively. Maxima’s expertise and extra care ensures that there is far less chance of the “arrangement not working out”.

Maxima will also assist you with advice regarding a suitable probationary period for your new employee.

In the event the employee is not meeting your needs, Maxima will find another suitable employee, at no cost, within a matter of days.
Maxima’s post-placement support for both the employee and employer will also assist in maintaining good positive communications and the ability to resolve most issues, if they arise.

Barrier 2: time and complexities involved in applying for funding for workplace modifications or wage subsidies.

It’s true, funding applications can be a bit complex – and as the funding criteria varies across states and also job roles, we fully understand that applying for funding can be daunting.

But Maxima is here to help. Our staff are experienced at assisting with the paperwork – you can let us do the heavy lifting, to help manage the process and provide advice and guidance wherever needed.

Our Maxima Employer Hotline can be contacted anytime to provide immediate information and further support.

Barrier 3: different disabilities pose different challenges, and many businesses are unsure how to deal with this due to limited understanding about disability and supports required.

Our experienced employment consultants can advise on disability capabilities and how they align to your job role tasks. Our post-placement support will continue to assist both the employee and employer after placement, to provide advice, information and coaching if desired or needed.

Barrier 4: the word ‘disability’ is a label with negative connotations – terms like ‘diversity’ or ‘inclusion’ are more appealing, clearer and associated with positive outcomes.

At Maxima, we agree. As such, we use the terms ‘illness’ and ‘health condition’ as well as disability to describe our specialised employment service. Disability is increasingly being seen as subset of diversity, which is valued and beneficial to all small businesses.
Maxima’s strengths-based approach focuses on what the employee’s capabilities are, not their limitations.

Barrier 5: there is a lack of easily accessible information and advice about how to hire a person with disability.

Maxima aims to provide employers with all of the necessary information in a “one stop shop” approach. Our employment consultants are on hand to assist whenever required – our Maxima Employment Hotline is staffed by professionals with access to immediate information, and our website provides written information and advice.

Barrier 6: concerns over the cost and time involved with workplace adjustments that might be required (including time to apply for and administer any additional funding sources that may be available).

Maxima’s employment consultants are experienced in assisting businesses to access funding, including workplace modifications and wage subsidies. They are happy to assist you in preparing the necessary applications.

The Maxima Employer Hotline can also provide immediate advice and information.

See what Maxima can offer you and your employees.

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