Employability Skills Training

Are you seeking employment? Are you looking to build your self-confidence and motivation? Maxima can help you!

The Employability Skills Training (EST) is a Workforce Australia program, delivered by Maxima. In order to get the best outcome, we focus on enabling you to engage meaningfully, build and consolidate your skills and practice, with all 4 steps crucial to maximise your learning journey, moving you closer to employment.

EST gives you the opportunity to enhance your employability, delivering targeted training, either over 3 weeks for 25 hours per week or over 5 weeks for 15 hours per week in person and online. On commencement in EST you will undertake a comprehensive interview and assessment where your learning needs will be established.

What is involved?

  • EST is delivered face-to-face (generally) and features interactive and fun group and individual activities (including complementary content via Maxima’s web-based Learning Management system)
  • The program is delivered in a simulated work environment, with a focus on practical application of learning
  • We have a flexible approach, adjusting to your learning needs
  • EST uses interactive and practical learning methods rather than traditional lecture/school style learning (we believe in learning by doing)
  • The sessions are delivered from professional, accessible and well-resourced local training spaces
  • Digital technology is used to connect, keep in touch and increase your digital skills
  • The training delivered is relevant, targeted and tailored to your goals and aspirations
  • EST enables you to develop a portfolio of transferrable skills, knowledge and attitudes useful for a variety of jobs and sectors

Program Delivery

The EST Program is split into two different blocks:

  • Training Block One enables you to develop and practice job search and workplace skills.
  • Training Block Two helps you to understand industries in demand or with emerging opportunities in their local labour market. Training Block Two is delivered as either Generalist Courses or Specialist Courses, with a focus on people skills and customer service ability, central to all job roles.

Am I eligible?

You can apply for EST if you are:

Aged 15+, participating in:

  • Digital Services or Workforce Australia Employment Services, and
  • Either in receipt of income support payments subject to Mutual Obligation Requirements, or Disability Support Pension with compulsory requirements or be participating in Transition to Work (TtW)
  • Participating in Disability Employment Services (DES) in the Employment Assistance phase

If you are unsure of your eligibility, get in touch below to find out more!

Are you an employer looking for keen and motivated employees?

Maxima provides free assistance to connect you with local jobseekers through our Employability Skills Training and Career Transition Assistance programs.

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