Employer Finds Success with Maxima

Cliff, an employer at SA Building Supplies, is beaming with pride as he witnesses the remarkable progress of his Maxima customer, Greg.

“I’m very proud of his work ethic; he can now work unsupervised.”

Despite facing challenges due to his disability, Greg’s determination and assistance from Maxima’s Disability Employment Services (DES) have led him to secure meaningful employment and thrive in his role as a Storeman.

Initially lacking confidence and self-belief, Greg improved immensely after being assigned a dedicated Employment Support Consultant (ESC). His ESC became an invaluable source of assistance, providing Greg with a safety net whenever he needed help. They helped Greg overcome his fears and challenges, gradually empowering him to become more self-reliant.

“Through one-on-one training and understanding Greg’s needs, he now feels included in the team. We have seen a great lift in his self-esteem.”

As a Storeman, Greg takes pride in ensuring the store is always presentable and well-stocked for potential customers and visitors. Topping up shelves and counter displays has become his daily mission as he diligently searches for products to maintain the store’s appearance.

With the constant support of his team and ESC, Greg’s confidence has grown exponentially. He has now reached a point where he can work unsupervised. The team’s confidence is so high in Greg’s ability that he is directly pre-packing orders.

Greg is very satisfied with his employment at SA Building Supplies, noting, “The experience has given me confidence. I work with great people who rely on me to handle my duties.”

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