Are you are looking to hire a young person within your business?

Why not consider someone who has completed a PaTH Employability Skills Training course? 

Maxima has been contracted by the Australian Government under the new PaTH initiative to provide Employability Skills Training to eligible young people aged 15 – 24 years living in South Australia and Queensland.

Our PaTH courses help to prepare young people for work by helping them to develop the right skills and understand the expectations of employers, including;

  • Recruitment process – what employers need to know in application documents and during an interview, to ensure they will be a good fit for the business
  • Skills and Attributes – what employers look for and value in their staff including effective communication skills, working as a part of a team, industry experience, knowing how to identify and resolve problems in the workplace
  • Workplace Expectations – what employers expect of staff from their first day on the job including punctuality, reliability, understanding and following processes, a willingness to learn and adapt to ensure the success of the business

Our courses are generalised with guest speakers from a variety of industries providing valuable insights, recommendations and opportunities for employment.

We have had great successes with a number of Maxima PaTH students gaining employment during the course through;

  • Local employers and Maxima recruitment staff attending courses as guest speakers and recognising the students’ suitability for a job vacancy
  • Students approaching employers directly during the course job search activities
  • Employers contacting our PaTH Program Manager directly to source suitable candidates for their businesses

How do I find out more information?

If you would like to find out how Maxima can assist you to find a young person aged 15 – 24 years who is ready for you to hire and become a valued employee within your business you can;

  • Complete the ‘enquiry box’ on this page to be contacted directly
  • Contact our PaTH team via email on to discuss your options

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