At face value, Sandra is just like other great employees. But when you understand what she has overcome, and get to experience her positivity about life, you understand that a diversity of life experiences really does make the workplace richer.

Sandra was born with clubfeet and a knee abnormality but it wasn’t going to prevent her getting back into the workforce and finding a meaningful job.

“I applied for lots of jobs, not saying that I had a disability. But when I showed up with my walker, the interview was effectively over before it even began. And it’s so just competitive out there. You are up against lots of people with certificates in computing and so on.”

But her persistence eventually paid off when she struck up a conversation at a disability expo with Maxima’s National Business Development Manager, Andrew Worrall, and his colleague, Joanne Kerr, who is a Community Services Consultant.

“They listened to me and they cared. That’s the great thing about Maxima.”

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Sandra working