Maxima Board

The Maxima Group is a not-for-profit organisation. Its purpose is to provide benefits to the community rather than generate profits, but as with other organisations, Maxima is operated on commercial lines and surplus funds are re-invested in the organisation’s activities to provide maximum benefit to the community.

The Maxima Board meets quarterly and has three  subcommittees on Finance, Marketing/Communications and Risk Management.

  • John Schumann (Chair) – Marketing /Communications
  • Kate Blizard –   Human Resource / Organisational Development
  • Mike Hawkins – Education / Training
  • Mike Nolan –  Management
  • Steve Tonkin – Accounting
  • Tracey Kerrigan (Deputy Chair) – Work Health and Safety / Workers Compensation/ Legal
  • Wally Iasiello – Engineering / Technical

Board Committees

  • Finance
  • Risk Management
  • Marketing & Communications

Pictured from left: Mike Hawkins, Tracey Kerrigan (Deputy Chair), Steve Tonkin, John Schumann (Chair), Kate Blizard, Mike Nolan and Wally Iasiello.

Executive Team

David Cockram (bio here) – Chief Executive Officer 

Heather Thompson – Chief Finance Officer, Deputy CEO

Chris Hardy – General Manager, Contracted Employment Services

David Nagy – General Manager, Recruitment and Training

Vincent Marsland – General Manager, Corporate Services

Pictured from left: Chris Hardy, Heather Thompson, David Cockram, CEO , David Nagy, Vincent Marsland