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Get to work with Maxima and rediscover the purpose and pride that work can bring.

Maxima has over 30 years’ experience working closely with Centrelink customers, providing assistance particularly for people with medical conditions, disabilities or injuries. 

Whether you’ve been looking for work for a while or have recently found yourself unemployed as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Maxima is here to help you navigate the system and find you a job.

We can help you to register with Centrelink, and then help you prepare for employment through targeted mentoring, coaching and upskilling.  Working with you, your individual employment consultant will use our resources, networks and marketing to place you into the right job. 

If you or someone you know need help at this time, we can provide:

  • Help in navigating the Centrelink system
  • Help in preparing for a new job, including training and re-skilling
  • Help in finding a new job and keeping that job
  • Ongoing assistance and support

This is a free service. Maxima is a not-for-profit charity provider, supported by Australian Government funding.  Eligibility criteria applies.

You are eligible for the Maxima Specialised Employment Service (DES) if you:

  • Have a NDIS Plan and/or receive a Centrelink Payment
  • Have a disability, injury or health condition: this includes major injury, mental illness, chronic and complex health conditions, physical and social disability;
  • Are aged 14 to 66 years of age: this includes adults and teenagers with disabilities;
  • Are at or above the minimum legal working age in your State or Territory;
  • Have a future capacity to work at least 8 hours per week;
  • Are an Australian resident; and
  • Are not studying full time (unless you are an Eligible School Leaver).

Click here to register with us today – call us, Monday to Friday on 1300 629 462

For more information and support you can also contact the DSS Disability Information Helpline 1800 643 787 or click here

Whether you are eligible or not, we want to help. Some useful resources that may be of assistance to you at this time are: