“Working at the store gets me out of the house and gives me something to look forward to.”

The buzz of the busy Woolworths store in Subiaco has now become a familiar place for William who stocks the shelves late into the night.

Maxima client William held skilled roles for a lot of his life but hadn’t worked for some time until he got the job at his local Woolworths store.

William said he had significant mental health issues which had impacted his ability to work in recent years and he was happy to be working again, now that things were more managed and balanced in his life.

Getting out of your comfort zone and into the workplace again can be a big deal.” says Business Development Consultant, Ashley Brittain who initiated contact with the supermarket chain.

It was important to William to live and work close by and now he walks to work.

In most cases employers have not previously thought about hiring someone with disability so this is exciting to see the process come together. It’s about educating the community and starting that engagement.

Ashley has been working with William at Maxima and she said Woolworths was a great employer to work with that really valued the members of the team as individuals and what they could contribute.

I find my job really rewarding to be able to help people find meaningful employment.” she said.

Woolworths Subiaco store manager Inder Toor said having people with disability as part of the team, such as William, was a valuable contribution.


Maxima encouraged participation in the recent International Day of People with Disability as empowering persons with disability and ensuring inclusiveness and equality is part of the everyday of what Maxima does.