Landing your first job, changing careers, or finding a new team member can feel impossible - you don't have to do it alone. Let Maxima help you to reframe what's possible.

Why Maxima?

Maxima is a national, for-purpose, employment services organisation. We work towards a better Australia by working with employers to help people into meaningful employment so all Australians can achieve participation in the community and economy. We operate on the ground in more than 70 locations across Australia.

At Maxima we challenge stereotypes and build our services around your needs, your goals and your strengths. This is how we help reframe what's possible!
638 Apprentices & trainees
6,000+ Disability Employment Services customers
11% of our customers identify as First Nations

Over 70 locations
around Australia

A proud 39
year history

Over 450
employees in our
growing team

Committed to
creating purpose
beyond profit

Fully accredited
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Dedicated to our
Action Plan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of services do you offer?

We offer a range of services that assist job seekers, employers, and NDIS participants:

For job seekers: We help you find employment opportunities that match your skills and experience. We can also assist you to upskill, access training and provide mentoring support to help you land that dream job.

For NDIS participants: We provide supports that help you achieve your employment goals as outlined in your NDIS plan. This includes School Leaver Employment Supports or Finding and Keeping a Job.

For employers: Our dedicated team have been supporting employers for over 35 years to recruit apprentices, trainees, and temporary and permanent staff. We take the guesswork our of recruitment and manage everything from start to finish from matching the right candidates, general administration, to on-the-job support. Access our talented pool of candidates and reframe what’s possible with recruitment for your business.

If you are unsure about what service is the correct choice for you, call us at 1300 629 462, or enquire at: Contact Us

I am looking for a job; how do I apply?

There are two ways to apply for a job with us:

Search and Apply Online: We recommend browsing our current vacancies. Head to the “I’m Looking for Work” section and click on “Search Vacant Jobs Now.” This will take you to a searchable list of open positions. Find the role that best suits your skills and experience and follow the application instructions.

find the right opportunity here: Current Vacancies

Make an Enquiry: If you can’t find a perfectly suited vacancy but are interested in working with us, you can make an enquiry through one of our forms or calling us directly at 1300 629 462. This allows you to tell us your specific qualifications and goals, so we can find the perfect opportunity to meet your needs.

Make an enquiry here: Contact Us

I want to work for Maxima. How do I apply?

If you like to join the team, and work directly for Maxima as an employee, you will need to go HERE.

At Maxima, we distinguish ourselves by offering family-friendly working hours and a supportive working environment. We pride ourselves on maintaining a professional, community-focused culture with a strong emphasis on the wellbeing of our customers and staff.

To apply for our positions please fill in the online application form and attach a copy of your resume and cover letter.

Are all jobseekers eligible for Disability Employment Services?

No, not all job seekers are eligible for Disability Employment Services (DES).

DES is a specialised program that helps individuals living with disability, injury or health conditions find and maintain meaningful employment.

To be eligible for DES, you typically need to:

  • Have a disability, injury, or health condition that impacts your ability to find and maintain a job.
  • Be between 14 years old and Age Pension age (currently 67)
  • Be legally able to work in your state or territory
  • Be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or hold a specific visa type.
  • Not be a full-time student (with some exceptions)
  • Have a valid Employment Services Assessment (ESA) or Job Capacity Assessment (JCA) showing a future work capacity of at least 8 hours per week

There are some exceptions to the ESA/JCA requirement, such as eligible school leavers or those transitioning from specific programs. you can find more information here:

If you are unsure about your eligibility, you can contact Centrelink or Maxima directly here: Contact Us

We can assess your situation and determine if DES is the right program for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Maxima does not offer Disability Employment Services in NSW, NT, or ACT.

I'm an employer: What Industry does Maxima help recruit for?

Maxima can assist with recruitment across a range of industries, including:

Industrial roles: This encompasses various skilled trades like: horticulture, bricklaying, warehouse, general labourers etc.

Office roles: Maxima can connect you with qualified candidates for office roles, like receptionist or customer service roles

Beyond these areas, we’ll be able to help with other sectors based on your specific needs. Our expertise extends to areas like IT, administration, or even customer-facing retail positions. To get the most comprehensive understanding of how Maxima can fulfil your recruitment needs, contact us HERE to see how we can solve your specific issues.

I'm an employer: how can I be sure you will recruit the right candidate?

We have a thorough screening process in place to ensure we find the best person for the job. This process includes the following steps:

  • Matching Position Requirements: We start by carefully reviewing the resume and cover letter to see if their skills and experience align with the specific requirements of the client.
  • Qualification Review: We’ll then delve deeper into the qualifications, education, certifications, and work history of the individual. Maxima do not accept overseas qualifications unless these qualifications have been recognised by Australian state of territory government Overseas Qualifications Unit (OQU).
  • Reference Checks: To get a well-rounded picture of the candidates performance, we contact their references to verify employment history and get insights into work ethic and skills. No candidate is placed with one of our Clients without the candidate having been satisfactorily reference checked.
  • Candidate Testing: Depending on the role, they may be required to take skills assessments or tests to gauge their abilities relevant to the position. A complete list of our testing range is available to the Client upon request.
  • Security Clearance: Maxima will thoroughly review the clearance / security requirements for each role and ensure that any candidates we submit for the role meet the stated criteria. We can also conduct Working with Children Checks or any other clearances that may be required for the position. These are then held on confidential file and managed by an administrator to ensure they stay within the compliant range whilst working for us. We proactively follow up candidates prior to the date of renewal.
  • Visa Verification (if applicable): Maxima are a VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) registered organisation. Our candidates are required to declare whether they are Australian Citizens on their application form and provide proof, and to produce paperwork showing their work entitlements if they answer “no”. This is cross referenced with VEVO. This is monitored on a weekly basis by the administration team to ensure compliance.
  • Quality Control: Our administration team report all non-compliance to our recruitment consultants, who will then replace the temporary staff member if they fail to satisfactorily respond. Maxima maintain record management database systems which are regularly audited, reviewed and updated.

By following these steps, we identify candidates who possess the necessary skills and experience to succeed in the role, as well as those who are a good cultural fit for your team.

What specific NDIS Employment Supports do you offer?

For NDIS Participants we offer:

  • Youth Employment (formerly School Leaver Employment Support) for school leavers, offering personalised activities to help you move from school to work.
  • Finding and Keeping a Job supports people of all ages to help you learn new skills and get ready for work.

For more information on eligibility and how you can access this service, give our friendly customer service team a call on 1300 629 462 or make an online enquiry here.

Are you a registered NDIS provider?

Maxima is a registered NDIS provider, meeting the high standards set by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. This ensures we can deliver high-quality and effective support. Our registration guarantees you receive support from qualified professionals with a proven track record of providing safe and effective services. We undergo regular audits to uphold our commitment to quality.

Learn more about how Maxima can help you achieve your NDIS employment goals here.

You can also get in touch with us at 1300 629 462 or enquire at: Contact Us

Where can I access your NDIS Employment Supports service?

NDIS Employment Supports is available in all states except ACT, NT, and on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

We offer a face-to-face service and a mobile service is available for some regional areas.

Visit our contact us page to find a Maxima location near you or call our friendly customer service team on 1300 629 462 to learn more about how you can access these supports.

Am I eligible for NDIS?

NDIS eligibility is based on several criteria including age, residency and disability. There are also other requirements for children aged 0-9 and people living with psychosocial disabilities.

You can refer to this link: for further information

Once your NDIS application is finalised and you have created your NDIS Plan, contact Maxima HERE to see how we can assist you.