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Support for Employers

Need support to create a more inclusive workplace or need assistance for an at-risk employee? Maxima can help reframe what's possible with our Employee Support and Work Assist Programs.

Maxima’s Employment Support Program ensures that candidates placed by us are fully supported to achieve their best, and is specifically tailored to the specific needs of the employee and the employer

For team members who are potentially at risk of losing their job due to illness injury or disability, you can access our Work Assist Program – workplace assistance that supports you and your employee to reach optimal productivity.

Employment Support Program

When a new employee starts, you want them to settle in quickly – and to become as productive as possible, as soon as possible.

Longer term, you need them to continue to grow – and maintain a high standard of work and productivity. Maxima’s Employment Support Program ensures that candidates placed by us are fully supported to achieve their best.

Our Business is to streamline the processes so that you can get on with Your Business.

Maxima’s Employment Support is specifically tailored to the specific needs of the employee and the employer, and can include:

Coaching and mentoring from industry experts.

Our experienced employment support consultants deal with a wide range of organisations across multiple industries. They ensure they are up to date with the latest trends and issues pertaining to each industry, especially as they relate to job roles. They can act as coaches and advisors on best approaches to maintaining high productivity, motivation and career progression.

Additional training where required.

The new employee may need additional training to best suit your requirements. In these cases, Maxima can assist by advising of the appropriate training options and organising the training of the employee. In addition, other employees at your workplace may require training in diversity and disability awareness, to ensure the new employee can be fully integrated into your organisation as seamlessly as possible. Our consultants would be happy to discuss any requirements and facilitate training as required

Referral to other services and providers.

The Maxima employment support consultants can facilitate referrals to other services and providers, such as allied health providers, when needed, for the new employee. We can ensure this does not impact on the employee’s attendance and productivity – so there will be no negative impact on your business.

Ongoing support for both employer and employee.

Employees are invited to attend regular sessions with our experienced consultants to discuss their job roles, and tasks, highlight any issues, build capability, reinforce positive career growth, and discuss any training requirements. They can also meet regularly (if desired) with the employer to ensure the employee remains a valuable contributor to your organisation.

Ongoing advice/support on workplace modifications (if needed)

The vast majority of DES employees will require no workplace modifications. However, if needed, our experienced consultants can advise on the best approach and assist in the application for funding for the necessary modifications.

Maxima has the expertise and experience to fully support our placed employees to ensure they continue to excel in their roles.

Work Assist

As an employer you know the worth of your experienced employees. Not only are they valued members of your team, you’ve invested in their development, training and their experience.

You’ve invested in their development, training and their experience. They’ve gained knowledge about the products and/or services you provide and the markets you supply.

Their skills, organisational knowledge and relationships are all critical elements that make up their ongoing value to your organisation.

Employees that leave often take important knowledge of your customers, systems and processes with them – often called an organisational “brain drain”.

So, it makes sense that if they become “at-risk” due to injury or illness, you’d want to know how best to keep them on board and contributing.

Maxima can help reframe what’s possible if you have an employee who is at risk of losing their job through illness, injury or disability. We work with you and the employee to get them back to higher levels of productivity.

At absolutely no cost to you or your employee, Maxima can provide up to 12 months of workplace-based assistance such as:

  • Face-to-face support.
  • Advice about job redesign.
  • A comprehensive workplace assessment.
  • Workplace modifications or special equipment.
  • Personal support in the workplace to help manage the impact of the injury, disability or health condition.
  • Access to allied health support.

The Federal Government through Disability Employment Service (DES) fund this program that is called Work Assist.


Your employee may be eligible for Work Assist if they:

  • have worked an average of at least 8 hours a week over the last 13 weeks
  • are at risk of losing their job because of their illness, injury or disability, and
  • aren’t already getting assistance from a Disability Employment Services provider.

Maxima has the expertise and experience to further explain the eligibility requirements of the Work Assist program to you and your employee.

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