Traigh’s inspirational career transition

Traigh’s journey from the bustling world of hospitality to the dynamic field of Information Technology is a true example of how it’s always possible to pick the career you think is right for you. Starting as a trainee IT support at Southern Cross Care’s head office, Maxima supported Traigh’s transition, through Recruitment Consultant Deb. Despite the technical nature of the role, Deb’s support ensured Traigh didn’t face any significant hurdles during the traineeship.

“Deb’s support was incredible; she really made sure I had everything I needed to succeed in the role, which made the transition much smoother.”

Before venturing into IT, Traigh spent six years in hospitality, wearing various hats from managing cafes to corporate roles. The decision to pivot from hospitality was largely fueled by the quest for stable, full-time employment, a challenge faced by many in the industry where 95% of roles are casual. The casual nature of hospitality made it very difficult for Traigh to enter the next step of his life.

“I wanted to apply for a home loan, but the instability of casual work in hospitality made it impossible. I knew I needed a change.”

Traigh’s reputation precedes him in the workplace, with colleagues and superiors alike holding him in high regard. It’s not uncommon for emails to flood in from customers, praising Traigh’s work and approachability while problem-solving, making him the go-to person for anyone in need of assistance at the company.

Looking ahead, Traigh is planning to leverage his experience in team management in hopes of bringing a fresh perspective to the tech industry. With a focus on implementing project and team management practices, Traigh aims to make a meaningful impact in his new field.

Traigh’s journey reminds us that it’s never too late to transition careers. There are endless possibilities that await those who want to take the next step.

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