Disability Recruitment

Do you want to make your workplace more inclusive but don't know where to start? Maxima can reframe what's possible through Disability Recruitment.

With so many people living and working with disabilities in Australia – it’s time to take Disability Employment out of the too-hard basket. With up to 20% of all Australians living and working with some form of disability, it’s likely that your workforce already includes workers with a disability.

We are dedicated to demystifying disability employment and promoting the benefits of employing people facing barriers. We work with employers to find the best possible job seeker for your business and can simplify and streamline the process.

In addition to finding suitable candidates for your business, at no cost to you, our team can assist you with:

  • Available wage subsidies.
  • Support for Workplace Modifications.

Wage Subsidies

When you’re recruiting – the most important thing is to get the right person for your job role. 

A person who has the right skills and experience, who will be a great contributor, perform well and approach their role with enthusiasm and an infectious, positive attitude.

Sometimes, a financial incentive can also help get your new job role underway. It lowers the barriers to adding a new staff member, making it both more affordable and less risky to add another employee.

Up to $10,000 worth of wage subsidies may be available to you to support your recruitment activity.

The incentives have different eligibility requirements and target different candidate cohorts such as youth, mature age and people with disability, but generally there is a need to employ a person with a disability for a certain number of hours per week for a period of time, with the expectation that the employment will be ongoing.

Some wage subsidy examples include:

Restart – to encourage businesses to hire and retain mature age employees who are 50 years of age and over.

Wage Subsidy Schemes – available to qualifying businesses to give eligible jobseekers an opportunity to demonstrate their suitability for ongoing employment.

Apprentices and Traineeships – The Disabled Australian Apprenticeship Wage Support (DAAWS) provides a payment to employers of eligible Australian Apprentices with disability, as well as incentives towards wages.

Payroll Exemption Rebates – a number of State Governments have payroll tax exemption schemes for employers that employ people with disability.

Maxima can deliver great candidates for your business – and also make it simple and easy for you to receive available incentives.

Support with Workplace Modifications

As an Employer you want to get the very best out of your staff.

For some employees this may involve some assistance or modification of their workplace.

At no cost to you or your employee Maxima may be able to provide:

  • adjustments to your physical workplace
  • modifications to work vehicles
  • special equipment for the workplace
  • information and communication devices
  • Auslan interpreting services
  • specialist services for employees with specific learning disorders and mental health conditions
  • disability awareness training for the workplace (including deafness awareness)
  • mental health awareness and first aid training.

The Federal Government through the Disability Employment Service (DES) fund these modifications and services through the Employment Assistance Fund (EAF).

Maxima has the expertise and experience to explain the eligibility requirements and processes of the EAF to you and your employee. We will work through the process with you so that the best outcome for all parties can be achieved.

Employment Support Program + Work Assist

Need support to create a more inclusive workplace or need assistance for an at-risk employee? Maxima can help reframe what's possible with our Employee Support and Work Assist Programs.

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