Hospitality Superstars, Tom and Cooper

Cooper, Hospitality Trainee with Maxima Group Training, is proudly referred to as ‘the most complimented worker ever’ according to his manager, Tom.

Cooper has worked in Hospitality since the age of 14 and always felt as though he wanted to pursue a career path with clear progression, so when he started as a casual worker at the Torrents Arms Hotel (TA) it felt like a natural transition to pursue a traineeship in Hospitality.

“This is the most productive thing I’ve ever done to further progress in my career. I did courses in the past that I ended up dropping out of because they didn’t feel right,” Cooper tells us.

According to Cooper, going through Maxima has been great and he has high praise for his Consultant, Deb and manager, Tom…

“I’ve always felt so supported by Maxima and Deb. There really isn’t anything I can say about Deb as there isn’t high enough praise – she is just too good! Tom is the best manager I have ever had!”

Cooper’s Manager Tom, has been the manager of the Torrens Arms Hotel for five years now, and an impressive 14 with the Hurley Hotel Group. Tom started as a trainee himself some years ago and says going through Maxima was a clear choice.

“I finished school and didn’t know what to do and I always thought Hospitality would be a job full of friendly faces. I’ve always had faith in trainees and turned to Maxima because I knew they would find the right person for the job,” Tom tells us.

“Maxima has a great recruitment process – it’s exhausting holding interviews while working full-time and they did all of that for me. It’s great to have a provider that does that. I trusted that they would only put forward suitable candidates for me to meet.”

“Cooper is just fantastic – he fit in with the team really quickly and he always put in a lot of effort. Cooper is the most complimented worker I’ve ever had. Customers go above and beyond to compliment him and it’s so nice to see.”