In the business of educating

Maxima Consultants are the faces you see every day in our sites or out in the community helping connect Customers with their perfect employer.

Business Development Consultant out of our Salisbury site, Katerina Vekis has been with Maxima for just shy of nine months and understands the impact her work has on the lives of Customers.

“To be a part of changing someone’s life, it makes you feel good,” Katerina said.

“It can be challenging, but when you find the right employer and a good story at the end, it’s great.”

Having never worked in Disability Employment Services before, Katerina found a large part of her role was dedicated to educating businesses and potential employers, that those living with disability are able and committed employees.

“Informing businesses that our Customers are probably more reliable than someone off the street because they really want to work.”

“Some people don’t want to spend the time on someone with a disability because they’re not educated to understand that our Customers can work and are completely capable of doing the work.”