Madeline Makes her Mark at City of Adelaide

Madeline, or more fondly known by her colleagues as the team member who swiftly ‘gets things done’, is blitzing through her traineeship at the City of Adelaide and has recently completed a Certificate III in Business, making it her second completed qualification in just three years.

Maxima’s Group Training division has been assisting this high achiever since she applied for a traineeship in 2018. However, despite her now confident career path, and like many other recent school-leavers, Madeline wasn’t sure on what direction she wanted to take after finishing school and was overwhelmed by all the possible choices. After trying a few different career paths with no luck, Madeline thought a traineeship, which would combine paid-work and study, would be a suitable fit for her.

Since starting her traineeship at the City of Adelaide, Madeline has transitioned into her second trainee role as a Program Administration Assistant – a challenge she happily accepted and is confident that she can make her mark on this role too.

“I have felt so supported – by Maxima and the City of Adelaide,” says Madeline. “I was able to make my first trainee role my own and figure things out in my own way. I’m constantly learning new things and enjoy the challenges. ”

“My mentor is so supportive and helpful – she is there for me whenever I need, and even when I don’t need her, she’s there for morally saying ‘go for it you’ve got it!” says Madeline.

So what comes next for this high achiever?

“I want to continue working here and see where it takes me. I feel proud to work amongst City of Adelaide executives, Counsellors, the CEO and Lord Mayor – it’s a real honour.”

“I wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t decide to go through Maxima for my traineeship. I’m lucky to have found Maxima,” says Madeline.