Mandy, achieving an independent life

Mandy is one of the many Maxima success stories out of the amazing Salisbury, Adelaide site.

A kitchenhand at the Barossa Brauhaus Hotel, Mandy has been in her role for about four months after being placed by the Maxima team, and is loving every day!

“I was looking for a job, so I just walked through the door [at Maxima]. They got me into the Brauhaus – I love it. They’re good to me and they’re kind,” said Mandy.

Bubbly and outgoing, Mandy came into Maxima Salisbury seeking work and has received incredible support from the team who have loved watching her grow and settle into the role.

Maxima Business Development Consultant Katerina Vekis said watching Mandy’s progress had been magical to see.

“Mandy’s enthusiastic attitude and bubbly presence made it a pleasure to work with her and get to know her,” said Katerina.

Being unable to drive, Mandy struggled early getting to and from work, but through Maxima’s NDIS Support Coordination, the team was able to organise funding for travel to ensure Mandy never missed a shift and was able to avoid late-night public transport.

The team has also organised meal options for Mandy to help her maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle.

Incredible work all around by Mandy and the Maxima Salisbury team.