Maxima is helping First Nation professionals build careers in Finance

Nathanial’s journey at ANZ began in 2020 when he started a School-Based Traineeship with Maxima, initially doing it one day a week. Last year, he transitioned to a full-time trainee, pursuing a Cert 3 in business and eventually a Cert 3 in financial services. In January, Nathanial became a direct hire for ANZ, marking a significant milestone in his career.

Despite not envisioning a career in banking during his youth, Nathanial found his calling at ANZ. Born with club feet, he faced challenges in finding work that was physical, even though he had some surgery done.

“I did some work experience as a mechanic, but the physical tasks proved too hard for me, so I went looking for a job that wouldn’t require me to stand up all day.”

But when Nathaniel’s school received a visit from Maxima’s Indigenous Employment Consultant Belinda, he decided to give it a shot since it was around his area.

“ANZ wasn’t exactly on my radar for future employers, but Belinda’s visit piqued my curiosity enough to give it a shot. Belinda mentioned there were even opportunities to build a future at ANZ after the program if things went well. That definitely got my attention.”

He started his School-Based Traineeship under Mikayla, an ex-Maxima Trainee, who was now the branch manager at ANZ Murray Bridge. Having been in his shoes before, her background and understanding of completing a traineeship made her the perfect mentor.

Under Mikayla’s leadership, Nathanial improved his time management, people skills, and computer skills. During her time as a trainee, Mikayla honed her financial analysis skills, leadership and communication.

“it’s important to pass my knowledge to other staff like Nathanial, to help them improve and grow.”

One key strategy she used was engaging in meaningful conversations, which not only helped others but also taught them valuable lessons.

Nathanial said that “they can be tough conversations, but she only wants the best for you. She has created a positive work environment where everyone feels supported and valued.”

Transitioning to full-time work presented Nathanial with challenges, including an increased workload and responsibilities. However, he has embraced these challenges, focusing on improving his skills in account opening, recruiting customers, and computer work. Nathanial’s positive experience at ANZ has led him to recommend the traineeship to his friends, emphasizing the importance of being passionate about the work and caring for the customers.

Looking ahead, Nathanial envisions moving from the retail branch to the business branch, where he believes the conversations will be more impactful. Despite the industry’s move towards self-service, Nathanial remains focused on building meaningful relationships with customers, to build and grow on his passion for work at ANZ.

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