Maxima Opens Doors to New Energy Careers in Gippsland

[Image Description: Dipender Malik (Elecsome Employer Representative), Greg (Elecsome), Kate Harrington (Maxima Victorian State Manager), Minister of Employment Vicki Ward, Cherie (Alinta Energy), Tori Christian (Maxima General Manager Innovation and Vocational Services), and Chris Buckingham (CEO Latrobe Valley Authority)]

Maxima is proud to be part of the Jobs Victoria New Energy project, providing the Gippsland Community with exciting opportunities in the growing clean energy sector!

On the 28th of March 2024, Minister for Employment Vicki Ward visited Morwell Innovation Centre to meet with workers involved in the Jobs Victoria New Energy project. This initiative provides training and job opportunities for individuals who have faced challenges in finding employment.

Maxima’s Victoria State Manager Kate Harrington greeted and hosted the Minister throughout her visit. Minister Ward spoke to Maxima customers Cherie and Greg about their experience through the program, including the challenges needing to be addressed, and the benefits received.

Maxima is thrilled to partner with Latrobe Valley Authority, Solar Victoria and Jobs Victoria in this Priority Workforce Project and to collaborate with Alinta Energy, Elecsome, and a range of other local New Energy employers and training partners to combine industry knowledge, training programs, and local connections ensuring effective service delivery.

This whopping $2.65 million initiative is creating 130 jobs across renewable energy, including jobs in solar hot water manufacturing, battery recycling, solar installation and customer service, with 30 of the jobs in the program to be placed in Melbourne.

Customers, Cherie and Greg contacted Maxima about the project after a period of unsuccessfully looking for work.

Cherie, now works in the Alinta Energy call centre in Morwell as a Customer Service Representative. Maxima provided her with support to apply for the role, including training and interview preparation.

“I was finding it really difficult to find employment,” said Cherie. “I found out about the new energy program and contacted Maxima, who helped me through the process, beginning with my online application. Alinta have also been great and provided the training, support and flexibility I needed. I couldn’t be happier with my job.”

After wanting to transform his life, Greg swapped his FIFO lifestyle for a job close to home. No more long commutes – his new workplace is practically on his doorstep! Quite a change from his FIFO days!

Greg works at Elecsome – Solar Panel Recycling, Reusing and Upcycling. Elecsome is Australia’s first Solar Panel upcycling plant that operates by transforming End-of-Life Solar Panels into higher value products.

Starting with Elecsome in July 2023, he’s been able to bring his many life skills to the role of Site Manager, where he spends considerable time as a Jack of all Trades. Through the project Maxima has supported Greg with a range of training/upskilling supports, in addition to things like prescription safety glasses and appropriate work boots, alongside regular PPS.

Both Elecsome and Alinta Energy have employed numerous local jobseekers through this project, and Maxima is excited connect local jobseekers and employers for mutual benefit.

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Written by Zaida Glibanovic