NDIS helps Zach flourish

“The NDIS has made a big difference, it’s given Zach a lot of confidence, the NDIS has changed him,” says Darren.

Darren’s son Zach is a Maxima NDIS Customer in Mareeba, just outside of Cairns in Queensland.

Zach and Darren came to Maxima just under a year ago looking for support with the NDIS after Zach graduated from high school in 2021.

Providing Youth Employment services, Maxima NDIS Consultant Paula works with Zach once a week focusing on literacy, language and numeracy skills during – with Zach also teaching Paula a little Auslan on the side.

Now undertaking weekly work experience with Buckeroo Educational in their warehouse, Zach’s next goal is to seek paid employment.

“He’s got OTs and speech therapists, support workers. He’s getting a lot of support,” says Darren.

“Zach has been loving it. You couldn’t get ‘Boo!’ out of him before this, but he’s really grown in confidence.”