Whip-Cracking Superstar lands her dream job

Erin, a talented farm assistant, has defied all odds and secured her dream job on Churchill Island, one of the many tourist locations managed by Phillip Island Nature Parks.

With the encouragement of her mother, Maxima, and her dedicated support workers, Erin has become an invaluable member of the farm team, caring for animals and wowing audiences with her whip-cracking skills.

However, in today’s challenging job market, Erin faced numerous obstacles in her quest to secure employment.

The job description for the farm assistant position was highly specific and securing a meeting with Phillip Island Nature Parks seemed like an impossible task. However, with the determination and support of Maxima’s Mollie and Jaimie, Erin’s dream job became a reality. Their efforts, along with the Phillip Island Nature Parks’ commitment to inclusion, opened doors for Erin and paved the way for her remarkable journey.

Erin’s initial contract was for a firm six months, but her exceptional performance and dedication impressed her employers, leading to an extension without hesitation. For over a year now, Erin has been an integral part of the team, showcasing her whip-cracking skills and caring for the animals on Churchill Island. Her growth and success in the role reflect her resilience, passion, and unwavering commitment.

Throughout Erin’s journey, her support workers, Chelsea, and Emma, have played a pivotal role in her success, supporting her through every shift. They provided any support necessary, to guarantee she thrives in her role. Maxima has ensured Erin’s transportation and on-the-job support are in place.

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