Ryan upskills for a new trade career

Former carpenter of 13 years Ryan has a renewed passion for work, after changing career paths with a Maxima Adult Apprenticeship in Painting and Decorating with the City of Adelaide.

Having now completed his Apprenticeship and gainfully employed in a full-time capacity as an Urban Elements Trade Assistant, Ryan knows he made the right move for him.

“I chose painting because I appreciate the work. I knew my body couldn’t take Carpentry forever – you’re lifting beams all day and I was getting nowhere with it,” Ryan said.

After hearing about the Apprenticeship opportunity through a City of Adelaide staff member, Ryan applied for the position through Maxima, before acing the interview process and securing the position.

But the change was not without its bumps, with Ryan and his partner anxious about returning to an apprentice salary.

“My partner and I were concerned about the money side of it, but once we realised it was an Adult Apprenticeship, which is a lot better money-wise, there were no hesitations.”

While Ryan was on a higher average pay than your usual Apprentice, this increased cost certainly paid off for the City of Adelaide with Ryan bringing experience, professionalism and a quicker level of adaptation compared to that of a younger Apprentice.

Maxima Apprenticeship & Traineeship Consultant and Team Leader for Trades Sarah Tinkham said because of his background Ryan had been able to hit the ground running in his new trade.

“The beauty of having an adult apprentice come into that role was the fact that he had previous work experience with tools and the construction industry. He adapted to the working hours and conditions well,” Sarah said.

With the ability to undertake the four-year adult apprenticeship while staying financially viable, Ryan was able to take full advantage and has enjoyed every step of the process.

“It’s all been rewarding making the City of Adelaide clean and presentable. I enjoy the variety of things we come across, different things every day – painting over graffiti one day, painting furniture another,” Ryan said.

And as always Maxima Consultants were only ever a phone call away if needed.

“Sarah was amazing – if I need anything she was always there. Because I was an adult apprentice who had already completed an Apprenticeship, she knew I was pretty comfortable with everything, but the young kids here who she is looking after, I always see her here checking on them.”

Adult Apprenticeships and Traineeships are a great way for more mature individuals to reskill in new areas and help to open pathways to otherwise unexpected careers.

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