Teenager Takes Root in Horticulture

Nathan looked towards Maxima’s employment supports with our Glenorchy branch, sharing his aspirations of starting his own gardening business someday. Despite the challenges of living in a rural town during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Nathan’s determination remained unwavering.

During the initial weeks, Nathan received support primarily at home. Eager to enhance his employability skills, he diligently completed all the employment supports modules, covering essential areas such as communication, teamwork, workplace safety, conflict resolution, decision-making, negotiation skills, and budgeting.

As Nathan’s journey progressed, he secured volunteer work at a local primary school, assisting the groundskeeper for two hours per week. This experience fueled his ambition to expand his vocational skills, leading him to pursue a qualification in Horticulture. With the unwavering support from Maxima, Nathan also accomplished his goal of obtaining a Learner’s License.

Months later, Nathan commenced work experience with the gardening team at Bridgewater Community Centre. Starting with two hours per week and guided by his Maxima Consultant, Nathan quickly proved himself invaluable and transitioned to a full day of volunteer work without assistance. His role allowed him to acquire practical expertise in various aspects of ground maintenance, including the nurturing of vegetable gardens.

Over several months, Nathan’s Maxima Consultant worked closely with him to improve his literacy and numeracy skills, enabling him to pursue studies in Horticulture. In July 2022, Nathan enrolled in Certificate II in Horticulture with TasTafe and has successfully completed five units, with the sixth unit about to commence. Nathan tackles the theory component at home with support from his Maxima Consultant, while his TasTafe Assessor assesses the practical aspect at his workplace monthly. Nathan aspires to pursue Certificate III in Horticulture upon completing Certificate II.

Through the Bridgewater Community Centre’s Top Gear Program, Nathan began driving lessons in January 2023 and has already accumulated 20 hours of experience behind the wheel.

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