For those living with psychosocial disabilities, finding the right NDIS services and the right people to deliver it can be extra complex. This is where a Psychosocial Recovery Coach comes in.

With in-depth knowledge and lived experience in mental health, a Psychosocial Recovery Coach takes time to understand individual needs and supports participants to implement their NDIS plan with an added safety net.

It’s a lot like Support Coordination, but with an extra layer of lived experience with psychosocial disabilities.

“Recovery Support is a form of NDIS Support Coordination and it’s important to understand what makes a good Recovery Support Coordinator (also known as Psychosocial Recovery Coach),” says Maxima Support Coordination Manager Eden Dempsey. “Psychosocial Recovery Coaches specialise in mental health and are committed to helping customers navigate the complexities of the NDIS system and get the most from their plan.”

This can mean liaising with providers and advocating for customers when necessary and jumping in to reach out to customers when they are in crisis.

If you are looking to work with a Psychosocial Recovery Coach, there are some key parts to the service you should expect to receive.

“It’s important that you are receiving regular check-ins to make sure that your plan is delivering the services you need and that you are using your funding within the lifespan of the NDIS plan,” explains Eden.

Your Psychosocial Recovery Coach should also be about providing local knowledge about the services that are the best fit for you and give you flexible options to suit how you want to be contacted.

“Remote consultations are becoming more popular, using a variety of technology platforms that suit the customer’s individual situation,” says Eden. “Maxima is a national not-for-profit, so being a part of the community, it’s local services and creating options for our customers is really important to us.”  

You should always have the option to speak up if you are not getting the support you need, or active help to make the switch to a new provider.

“We hear a lot of stories about people being unsure about the service they are being provided, and while it might seem easier to stick with your Psychosocial Recovery Coach even if you are not sure, it is very easy to switch and worth it to get the best fit for you,” says Eden.

Our Psychosocial Recovery Coaches, like our Support Coordinators, really do go the extra mile for our customers and we are very much about building that relationship. It’s a great place to work and that really comes through in the way we deal with our customers.”

Find out more about Maxima’s NDIS Support Coordination and Recovery Coaching services, contact 1300 629 462 or request a call back by filling out our enquiry form.