Maxima Board and Executive Team

Pictured Seated from left: Tracey Kerrigan, John Schumann (Chair), David Cockram (CEO)
Pictured standing from left: Steve Tonkin, Vincent Marsland, Pippa Webb, David Nagy, Rebecca Wessels, Wally Iasiello, Heather Thompson, Kate Blizard, Chris Hardy

As a not for profit organisation, Maxima’s purpose is to provide benefits to the community rather than generate profits, however Maxima is operated on commercial lines, with surplus funds re-invested in the organisation’s activities to provide maximum benefit to the community. The Maxima Board provides prudent oversight and meets quarterly, with four subcommittees on Finance, Nominations, Marketing / Communications and Risk Management.

Board of Management 20/21

John Schumann (Chairman of the Board, Chair of the Marketing Committee) – Marketing / Communications – download biography (pdf)

Tracey Kerrigan (Deputy Chair, Chair of the Risk Management Committee) – Work Health and Safety / Workers Compensation / Legal – download biography (pdf)

Wally Iasiello – Engineering / Technical / Management – download biography (pdf)

Steve Tonkin (Chair of the Finance Committee) – Accounting – download biography (pdf)

Kate Blizard (Chair of the Nominations Committee) – Human Resource / Organisational Development

Rebecca Wessels – Indigenous Employment / Youth / Education and Training

Pippa Webb – Employment Services and Disability / Employment Support Service / Management

Executive Team

David Cockram – Chief Executive Officer – download biography (pdf)

Chris Hardy – General Manager, Employment Services

David Nagy – General Manager, Recruitment Services

Vincent Marsland – General Manager, Corporate Services