In a recent development, Maxima Group has emerged victorious in a highly competitive tender process, securing new business opportunities in the Greater Dandenong and Latrobe Local Government Areas. With funding from the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industries, and Regions, through Jobs Victoria, Maxima is now actively engaged in delivering the newly established Jobs Victoria Mentors Service (JVMS) from its central hubs in Dandenong and Morwell.

The primary objective of the Jobs Victoria Mentors Service is to assist eligible Victorians in becoming work-ready, finding suitable employment, and providing ongoing support to both job seekers and their employers throughout the crucial first six months of work. By creating pathways into employment, promoting economic inclusion, and bridging gaps in service delivery, Maxima is committed to enhancing the agency, resilience, and capacity of job seekers to secure and sustain meaningful employment that aligns with their personal aspirations and employer requirements.

The program will have: 

  • Eligible jobseekers including those with 12+ months of unemployment or at significant risk of becoming unemployed for 12 months due to multiple barriers to employment.
  • Additional support for disadvantaged jobseekers who require assistance gaining and retaining employment.
  • Tailored assistance to jobseekers and employers, focusing on their specific needs and circumstances before and after employment.
  • Employers with suitable jobseekers, providing customised pre-employment preparation and skill development strategies.
  • Local support services to create employment pathways for jobseekers with complex needs.
  • Tailored services to local labour market needs and opportunities. 

If you are in Victoria and have actively seeked employment, know someone who has, or if you are an employer in need of labour assistance, our team is ready to lend a helping hand.  Click the button below for more information.