Maxima’s Employable Hero, Aman, all too well understands the struggles of trying to get back into the working world.

Aman had previously worked as a successful salesperson in the furniture industry, but an unfortunate series of bullying attacks left her battling anxiety and depression. Ultimately, Aman made the regretful decision to resign from her job…

Unemployment wasn’t easy for Aman, and with a young family to support, she really felt the pressure to find a suitable job to get back on track.

When Aman did apply for jobs, contacting potential employers and the interview process was tough for her to get through on her own.

It was by chance that Aman happened to come across a Maxima office in WA one day, and in her own words, she ‘immediately felt at home’ after stepping inside.

“I met the most beautiful person as soon as I walked in. I explained I was very nervous and unsure of what to do next… We had a cup of tea and a long chat. I really think this was the running point for me,” Aman tells us.

Maxima worked with Aman to get her resume up to date and provided assistance with other important aspects of employment that she needed help with.

With her resume up to date, Aman felt as though she received the confidence boost that she needed to apply for work. Maxima was there every step of the way, going with Aman to interviews to provide her with the extra support she needed.

Soon enough, and with Maxima’s support, Aman was successful in securing a role.

“It’s not an exaggeration that Maxima has absolutely changed my life. They turned it around, plain and simple. I couldn’t rate Maxima any more highly – and I recommend them as often as I can. I will never let go of Maxima, or forget what they’ve done for me – ever,” Aman tells us.